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Testimonials | SkyCam


It's natural that we would want to align ourselves exclusively with the worldwide leader in mobile aerial camera coverage. Skycam delivers angles and reveals perspectives that dramatically enhance the quality of our coverage. It's become an integral part of our presentation of football and other sports.

Mark Shapiro
Former Executive Vice President
Programming & Production

Bowling is unique because our action occurs in a tightly defined space in a matter of seconds. Creativity is important to us, but historically, we've been somewhat limited in how we present each frame of competition. Skycam brings us new options for showcasing our sport. It gives our fans fresh new perspectives they've never seen before. We're very excited about our initial experiences with Skycam and are enthusiastic about what this technology can do to continue to enhance our
telecasts in the future.

Steve Miller
President & CEO
Pro Bowlers Association

We're always looking for new ways to lead. Skycam is a tool that gives us the opportunity to innovate and be more creative with our coverage. It also produces a wide variety of shots that allow our analysts to present games with more insight and
authority. That gets our viewers more involved in the telecast and that's just what we want.

Mark Quenzel
Former Senior Vice President
Programming & Production

Skycam in High Def performed flawlessly and clearly was a high impact tool for MNF. It would be tough to do

Drew Esocoff
ABC's Monday Night Football

Skycam brings the viewer where no other camera can & onto the field of play; and that makes it an incredibly powerful
production tool.

Fred Gaudelli
Senior Producer
ABC's Monday Night Football

Skycam has been an exciting tool for us at NBC Sports over the years. The unique views and sense of speed and
excitement it brings to a telecast are unprecedented.

John Gonzalez
NBC Sports

Skycam has changed the way our viewers see the game of football. It has played a huge part in Sunday Night Football's
Emmy Award-winning coverage.

Jay Rothman
ESPN Sunday Night Football

Skycam is the only camera in major sports to cross the boundaries and enter the field of play. The viewer experiences
being in the action of the NFL.

Chip Dean
ESPN Sunday Night Football s

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