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The Skycam system is composed of three distinct components that work in tandem to create one of the most dynamic sports broadcasting tools available today:

Central Control

Through highly sophisticated computer software known as Skyview, the Skycam pilot is able to control and fly the camera anywhere in a defined three-dimensional space. Skyview interprets the Pilot-Operator's joystick commands into positional coordinates, tracks the location of the Skycam, and synchronizes the movement of each Reel setting the Skycam in motion.

The Spar

The spar represents one of the truly differentiating factors between Skycam and other cable supported flying systems. Skycam is able to deliver one of the lightest payloads of any stabilized camera platform because of its unique design.

The Reel

Each of the four suspension lines goes over a precision pulley and is attached to a computer-controlled spooling mechanism. This spooling system, known as the Reel, is at the heart of what makes Skycam fly. The four reels work in tandem to create flight. Each reel is controlled by its own computer, which delivers instructions over the fiber optic computer network from Central Control. These instructions are executed while safety and response information are sent back to Central Control on a real-time basis. These components are linked together through a highly sophisticated fiber optic network.

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