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Advanced Technology | SkyCam

Advanced Technology

Skycam continues to raise the bar in aerial camera systems by making a strong investment in emerging technology. Skycam is the only Aerial camera system to provide multiple payloads, live broadcast 3D, real time obstacle avoidance and safety features, and advanced online logistics and deployment web tools.

Robotic Image Stabilized Camera

The Skycam camera assembly consists of the lateet Sony HDC-P1 camera body, Fujinon ZA12x 4.5mm wide angle Digi-Zoom lens, Shoeps super CMIT AES 42 digital microphone, and full closed loop platform stabilization.   The payload can be controlled remotely to provide a full 360 degrees of pan and 180 degrees of tilt, while flying anywhere within it’s 3D environment.

The camera is mounted to the Spar, specially engineered with lightweight stabilizing mechanics that eliminate excess camera movement, allowing the Skycam to maintain a steady image as it soars across the event area.

Computerized Obstacle Avoidance

As the safest aerial camera system in the wold, Skycam is equipped with a fully integrated obstacle avoidance system that automatically maneuvers the camera around fixed obstructions in a venue. Skyview software provides for the definition of objects that represent obstacles in the fly space. When the system is in fly-mode and the camera is moving, the Skyview software automatically prevents the camera or lines from hitting any of these obstacles, and does so in a smooth and predictable manner.

Skyview also monitors over 80 sensors and performance-based parameters and provides warnings and/or system interrupts as required.

Advanced Payloads

While other aerial broadcast systems can provide only one video signal, our Skycam engineering team has blazed the trail for multi-sensor and multi-camera payloads, which allow for full customization and data acquisition. This advancement allows us to meet the specialized demand from science, military, and government applications, including stereoscopic 3D ultramotion and advanced imaging types.

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