The World's Only POV-Style Ultra Slow Motion Camera

State-of-the-art 2K Sensor
Extremely photosensitive
Smallest possible dimensions
Permanent Live HD SDI Output
Dynamic replays
Fully remote controllable
LMC Broadcast Standard OCP / RCP
Coax / Fibre Link and Wireless transmission
Camera head dimensions:
CamLink 29mm x 29mm x 50mm
COAXPress 155mm x 35mm x 35mm


2K CMOS 2/3 sensor - 2048x1088 pixels
Global Shutter
ISO 640 ASA / LUX 1500 @ F8.0 - 0dB Gain
All 720p and 1080i/p signals
9.5 stops dynamic
2x HD SDI Replay OUT
350 frames/sec highspeed replay at HD1080
525 frames/sec highspeed replay at HD720
Enhanced detail and de-noise
Output 2x 3gbit HD SDI
Power 12-24V
Telemetry control via RS232 (fibre link possible)
C-mount (PL and B4 mount adaptation available)
Optional eXflicker correction
Optional lens control (iris, zoom, focus)

If you want small POV ultra slow motion and no gimmicks… the SkyMo is your best choice.

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